This morning our principal had a talk to us about leadership roles and she explained her journey thought out the years she was a teacher for 10 years then became assistant principal and then she to our school these are the 7 things that she listed

Honesty: I know if I want to be a leader I need to the truth if a make mistake

Listening: sometimes in class I don’t listen enough if want to be a school captain I have to listen a lot.

Trust Your Friends: outside when im playing I don’t listen to what they say or trust them.

Stay Strong: when my friends sometimes annoy me and say stuff I get angry but what I have to do is stay strong and ignore them and tell the teacher.

Humour: if I get a leadership role sometimes it is good to have a sense of humour.

Teamwork: in groups I sometimes show enough cooperation so I think if a have to be a leader I have to cooperate.

Focus: when sometimes in class I don’t focus on my work I need to focus on my work.

Would you try out for a leadership role?



Science Shadow






Today in the morning we went out into the courtyard and took photos of our shadows and we played shadow tiggy and whenever we went into the shade you could you couldn’t see it anymore and in the afternoon we went back and there was no shadows anymore.

Why was there no shadows in the afternoon?

When we went again there was shadows on the side.


Montmorency Secondary College

Today I went to the Montmorency Secondary College Leadership Day. My favourite activity was was Cops n Robbers because it was sport. And I liked how the students were prepared and organised, some of the leadership strategies were teamwork and communication. I think I was the best at was the suitcase activity. You had to hold the suitcase which used teamwork.

Do you want to be a leader?