Haiku Poem

A haiku poem is where on the first line there has to be 5 syllables and on the second line has 7 syllables and the third line has seven syllables.

This was my favourite poem

Football number one

Football is competitive

Football can be rough


Montmorency Secondary College

Today I went to the Montmorency Secondary College Leadership Day. My favourite activity was was Cops n Robbers because it was sport. And I liked how the students were prepared and organised, some of the leadership strategies were teamwork and communication. I think I was the best at was the suitcase activity. You had to hold the suitcase which used teamwork.

Do you want to be a leader?


Five Animals


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1. Cows because cows have something in their body called steak. Steak makes you strong. Also cows produce milk and milk in used in many dishes.

2. Pigs have bacon in them and  ham for sandwiches  and stuff and I has pork chops and also their fur is good for warmth and clothes and blankets.

3. Chickens because chickens have meat and eggs for meals and feathers to make materials for bows arrows for shooting

4. Sheep has lamb chops and when you take their wool from them that is used for beds to sleep in the wild when you don’t have anything

5. Dogs keep you active doing things other than people sitting down and dogs are fun you take them on walks and you play with them

What 5 aminals would you take on a ship?

How To Make A Quality Post

How To Make A Quality Postimage

Step 1: First click the add button and the press post.

Step 2: Now add a photo if needed. So what you do is press add media and then find the photo of your choice

Step 3: Then add a title to your post (eg) Procedure.

Step 4: Then add a heading in your text.

Step 5: Now put a description of what you did in your post.(2 to 3 sentences.)

Step 6: Add a open ended question to your post.

Step 7: Type in the categories text English or whatever you like.

Step 8: Add a tag to your post if you like or not.

Step 9: Now press post it will now publish you post!

How much time does it take you to do your posts?


















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