Shaun The Police Man Leadership Talk

In the afternoon today a police man named Shaun had a talk to us about leadership he listed three things here they are.

Shy: Shaun said that in primary school he was always shy he would sit  up at the back of the classroom,and hope he didn’t had to answer a question, he said to us challenge yourself don’t be shy.

Police Officers: When Shaun goes to the police department he bosses people around and tells them don’t be late for work, he also said be a role model for your mates and friends.

Leadership Course: When Shaun goes to investigate somethings he has to lead 10 20 people to do there job iPad in that situation Shaun has to leadership.

Would you like to be a policeman?


This morning our principal had a talk to us about leadership roles and she explained her journey thought out the years she was a teacher for 10 years then became assistant principal and then she to our school these are the 7 things that she listed

Honesty: I know if I want to be a leader I need to the truth if a make mistake

Listening: sometimes in class I don’t listen enough if want to be a school captain I have to listen a lot.

Trust Your Friends: outside when im playing I don’t listen to what they say or trust them.

Stay Strong: when my friends sometimes annoy me and say stuff I get angry but what I have to do is stay strong and ignore them and tell the teacher.

Humour: if I get a leadership role sometimes it is good to have a sense of humour.

Teamwork: in groups I sometimes show enough cooperation so I think if a have to be a leader I have to cooperate.

Focus: when sometimes in class I don’t focus on my work I need to focus on my work.

Would you try out for a leadership role?